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Press Releases: Healthcare

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Dec 06, 2008   
Consumer Watchdog Praises Insurance Commissioner Poizner for Health Insurance "Rescission" Rules, Pans Schwarzenegger Administration for Failure to Regulate HMO
Without Parallel Rules In Department Of Managed Health Care, Insurers Can "Discriminate ... On the Basis of Which Agency Regulates" the Policy.
Dec 10, 2007   
Arnold Betrays Patients As Veto Trashes His State-of-State Pledge
Dec 09, 2007   
Patients Whose Health Coverage Was Retroactively Cancelled When They Got Sick Urge Governor to Keep His 'State of State' Promise to Protect Innocent Patients
Dec 04, 2007   
Consumer Advocates Call for Governor To Make Good on His Promise to Protect Patients From Illegal Cancellations of Health Insurance
Health Care Regulators Accused in Hearing of "Glacial Pace" In Stopping Post-Claim Rescissions, Failing to Restore Coverage to Victims
Dec 02, 2007   
Gov. Schwarzenegger Must Follow Through on Call to Ban Blue Cross From Using Doctors as Double-Agents to Dump Sick Patients
Oct 31, 2006   
Governor's Mandatory Purchase of Private Health Insurance Doesn't Add Up for the Middle-Class
Dec 09, 2006   
"Mandatory Purchase" Health Insurance Proposed by Governor Schwarzenegger & Senator Clinton Would Force 13 Million Californians to Buy Unaffordable Coverage
Dec 05, 2006   
Schwarzenegger Address to AARP Today Is False Advertising;
Gov's Plan Makes Early Retirement Unlikely, Raises Costs for Retirees
Dec 02, 2006   
Medical Costs See Biggest Increase in More Than 15 Years As Policymakers Consider Requiring Californians to Buy Health Insurance
Dec 02, 2006   
Schwarzenegger, Núñez & Perata Must Guarantee Price & Quality of Health Coverage Before Requiring Californians to Buy
Dec 01, 2006   
Gov's Health Plan Must Provide New Rules Limiting Insurer Waste To Ensure Affordability;
Rate Reviews That Saved Homeowners Nearly $500 Million in Recent Weeks Should Apply Equally to Health Insurance, Group Says
Dec 01, 2006   
Governor, Legislators Should Heed California Voters Who See Drug & Insurance Profits Driving Rise in Health Costs;
Poll Results Closely Track Group's Recommendations to Curb Insurers' Wasteful Practices
Nov 02, 2005   
State HMO Regulator Agrees to New Rules & Hearings on Illegal Policy Cancellations;
FTCR Says New Rules Are Good News for Patients
Nov 01, 2005   
Consumer Advocates Call on HMO Regulator to Release Records In Wake of Allegations that the Schwarzenegger Administration Pre-approved Merger of Top Contributor
Nov 01, 2005   
Schwarzenegger Prejudged HMO Merger Before Hearings, Received $105K from PacifiCare;
Consumer Group Calls for State Auditor to Investigate Anti-Consumer Merger and $445 Million Exec Payout
Dec 08, 2005   
Schwarzenegger's Health Care Summit Ignores Key to Affordability: Crackdown On Health Insurer Overhead and Drug Company Profits
Dec 06, 2005   
Schwarzenegger's Drug Money Tops $1 million
Dec 04, 2005   
FTCR Petitions Garamendi & Schwarzenegger to End Illegal Blue Cross "Retro-Active" Insurance Denials, Make Public Secret Documents
Court Cases Filed In Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties
Dec 01, 2005   
Consumer Advocates Say Schwarzenegger's Appeal to Bush to Lift Drug Importation Ban is Meaningless;
California Bulk Purchasing is the Solution
Dec 06, 2004   
Schwarzenegger's HMO Regulator Considers Giving Industry Group Authority to Conduct Audits
Nov 01, 2003   
Schwarzenegger Called On to Protect 9 out of 10 Blue Cross Patients Who Will Pay $4 Billion Cost of WellPoint/Anthem Merger
Gov Received $140K From HMOs and Executives
Dec 10, 2003   
Big "A" Catching Up To Dubya In Drug Money;
No Other Pol Raising As Much As Arnold
Dec 07, 2003   
Schwarzenegger Folds to Special Interests, OKs WellPoint/Anthem Merger; Garamendi Says "No" on Patients' Behalf
Dec 07, 2003   
Patients Hold Pork Roast & Testify at Public Hearing Criticizing CEO Slated to Receive $235.2 Million in Anthem/WellPoint Merger
Dec 06, 2003   
Schwarzenegger Administration Folds to Public Pressure, Schedules Hearing
Still Refuses to Release Details of Wellpoint/Anthem Merger
Dec 06, 2003   
Gov. Schwarzenegger Supporters Control Rx Group Fighting to Block Drug Reform;
FTCR Calls on Gov. to Return Campaign Contributions
Dec 06, 2003   
Drug Companies Increase Lobbying by 25%, Contribute Heavily to Schwarzenegger as Legislature Debates Reform
Dec 04, 2003   
"Collectinator" Called On to Release Records Of $1.34 Billion in Uncollected Drug Rebates
FTCR submitted a Public Records Act Request for all state documents pertaining to the drug rebate program
Dec 04, 2003   
New Analysis of 46 States and D.C. Shows California Far Below Average in Collecting Drug Rebates
"Collectinator" Failed To Collect Up To $1.3 Billion Dollars Owed By Pharmaceutical Companies – Worst in U.S.
Oct 31, 2002   
Schwarzenegger Appoints HMO Lobbyist To Cabinet
Oct 31, 2002   
Letter to Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger. Health care reform– special interest or public interest?
Oct 31, 2002   
Opponents File Referendum to Overturn SB 2; Consumer Advocate Calls on Gov. Schwarzenegger to Support the Law and A Plan to Control Costs
Nov 30, 1999   
Schwarzenegger Gives Thanksgiving Gift To HMO That Is His 30th Largest Donor

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