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Dec 05, 2006   
Group Demands that Gov. Schwarzenegger Return $100,000 from Chevron;
Donation Made As State Is Gripped by Gasoline Crisis That Benefits Chevron
Dec 08, 2005   
CA Report Shows Gas Prices Driven By Unplanned Outages;
Consumer Group Declares A Repeat of Energy Crisis & Says Schwarzenegger Should Not Be Soft On Refiners
Dec 06, 2005   
Consumer Group Applauds Atty. Gen.'s Broader Gouging Law, Urges Swift Approval in Legislature
Dec 05, 2005   
FTCR To Atty. Gen. Lockyer: New Data Shows Artificial Reduction In Gasoline Supply That Oil Execs Need To Answer For
Dec 05, 2005   
Chevron: Record Profits Come on the Backs of California Motorists;
Pain at the Pump Also Bankrolls Anti-Consumer Ballot Effort
Oct 31, 2002   
Gov.-elect Schwarzenegger Should Come Clean About Ken Lay Meeting Or Face Inquiry, Group Says
Energy Deregulation Agenda Criticized
Oct 31, 2002   
Enron E-mails Confirm Schwarzenegger-Ken Lay Meeting
Oct 31, 2001   
10 Questions Senators Should Ask Ken Lay Even If He Takes the 5th

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