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Press Releases: Corporate Accountability

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Dec 10, 2006   
Governor's Office Ducks Testimony About $17 Million Deal With Schwarzenegger Donor General Motors;
State Audit, Subpoenas Called For If Gov Won't Come Clean
Nov 02, 2005   
Schwarzenegger Personnel Moves Indicate Deeper Influence of Insurance, Big Business Interests in Governor's Office;
Governor's Top Staff Includes Many With Ties to Insurance Industry and Opponents of Healthcare Reform
Dec 10, 2005   
Schwarzenegger Signs Pay-TV Deregulation Bill Devoid Of Consumer Protections As Telecom Money Greases Bipartisan Support
Dec 06, 2004   
Governor Schwarzenegger Sells Junk Food In Political Ads for Corporate Donors
Consumer Group Calls For Ads' Removal, Gov. To Re-Pay State
Dec 02, 2004   
Schwarzenegger Kills Consumer Protections Against Cell Phone Abuses
Dec 08, 2003   
Consumer Groups Oppose Department of Consumer Affairs Nominee
Anti-Consumer Record Makes Former Assembly Member Zettel Ill-Suited to Lead Consumer Protection Agency
Nov 01, 2002   
Schwarzenegger Names Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist As Top Legislative Advisor
Dec 04, 2000   
Consumer Group Goes To Court To Terminate Schwarzenegger Restaurant Fax Assault
Launches Campaign to Combat "Junk Faxes"

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