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Sep 04, 2007 - 11:00 AM

Arnold's Chief of Staff Joins the Fundraising Frenzy

by Carmen Balber
The flurry of end-of-session fundraising and favor-currying isn't confined to the four block radius of the Capitol building. It's not even limited to the politicians themselves. The Los Angeles Times reports today that Governor Schwarzenegger's chief of staff, Susan Kennedy, is headlining a fundraiser for a non-profit on Sept. 14th -- just as the last of the year's legislation should be reaching the gov for his signature or veto:

Now, Marin Services is using the lure of time with Kennedy to raise money. The center is honoring her at its annual fundraising dinner Sept. 14 and soliciting donations of as much as $25,000 for the chance to attend a private reception with her beforehand.

Capitol lobbyists whose clients have much at stake before the administration have been invited to donate, according to an e-mail obtained by The Times. Already, AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Reliant Energy and Santa Anita Park -- the Arcadia racetrack that wants state permission to expand its gambling operations -- have agreed to help sponsor the event, according to Marin Services' website.

A private reception where enough cash buys donors the chance to rub elbows with (and whisper in the ears of) the powerful? Someone's using the same tricks as her boss.

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