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Jul 10, 2007 - 03:20 PM

Pulling back the green curtain

by Judy Dugan
We all know about Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's meddling-by-proxy to slow down implementation of California's global warming bill. Now we find out, from the San Jose Mercury News, that he's an all-around environmental fake.

His administration touted buying 1,138 "flex-fuel" vehicles for state employees, without installing a single pump where they could actually be filled with high-ethanol E85 fuel. And the state has failed to meet a deadline, set in 2003, to install solar energy equipment on state buildings by January 2007.

The story has prompted new legislative hearings, on top of hearings about the administration's interference at the California Air Resources Board.

I'd really like to see some magazines that fronted Schwarzenegger as the "Green Giant" doing another Arnold cover. This time, show the governor in his "smoking tent" with the oil industry lobbyists who've brought $4 million to his war chests.

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