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May 19, 2006 - 03:45 PM

Arnold's Oilers

by Jamie Court and Carmen Balber
California's attorney general is subpoenaing oil executives over the high price of gasoline. Arnold Schwarzenegger is headed to the land of big oil, hat in hand, for a Houston fundraiser Monday featuring juicy checks and big steaks.

California has consistently paid 50 cents more for gasoline than the rest of the US, but Schwarzenegger's not going to Texas to ask questions, he's asking for dough with the help of a top dog from Jack Abramoff's old lobbying firm, Greenburg Traurig LLP. Read about the invite and view it.

Very likely to be on hand are some of Arnold's Oilers who have earned Schwarzenegger the honor of having raised more from the oil industry than any politician in America except George W. Bush. Schwarzenegger has collected $2.2 million since 2003 from the oil industry. Bush's take is $2.6 million from oil and gas interests.

What do Texans want with our governor? How about help in stopping legislation regulating the gasoline supply (Like Sen. Dunn's SB 1794) and help in killing a November ballot measure tapping oil industry profits for alternative energy development?

All this makes a great case for another pending November ballot measure ( sponsored by the California Nurses Association to create public financing for elections. With clean money elections, California governors wouldn't have to drill for donations in Texas from the companies that are shafting Californians at the pump. There's no dirtier money than West Texas Crude.

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