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Sep 28, 2005 - 12:50 PM

Unleashing Maria

by Jamie Court
Arnold's been dropping wife Maria's name a lot lately and yesterday Shriver announced her Chief of Staff would be Democratic party hound and Gray Davis operative Daniel Zingale. A former AIDS activist, prior to serving as Davis's cabinet secretary, Zingale proved an effective HMO regulator and PR guru who has an "in" with Democratic networks of all kind. Unable to make his case to the public himself, given his transparent lies, Arnold just may be ready to unleash Maria and hide in a Kennedy's blue skirt.

Whenever the polls show Schwarzenegger in trouble, Maria goes on Oprah. With Arnold in deep doo-doo this November and next, Maria may yet hit the campaign trail to get Californians to take a stand for her man. If she's pushing the Schwarzenegger initiatives to take power from teachers, cops, firefighters, and nurses, it's far more likely Shriver will prove she's a Republican than make the case Schwarzenegger is really a Democrat. The $57 million in largely corporate campaign cash behind Schwarzenegger's power grab will stain Maria's blue dress too.

Gray Davis said that the Democratic agenda would be "in safer hands with Dan [Zingale] inside the administration rather than outside." Just what Schwarzenegger needed to reinvigorate his November campaign, a Gray Davis endorsement.

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