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Aug 26, 2005 - 12:30 PM

Arnold's Energy

by Jamie Court
While the Gov's been spending all of his energy fundraising at a world record clip, what's happened to Californians' energy? Gasoline prices are at an all time high and oil companies' profits are at world record highs. Schwarzenegger's barely mentioned the word gasoline, let alone articulated a single idea about how to lower prices. But Arnold has raised $731,100 from the oil industry.

A blackout seemingly caused by a downed transmission line also left a half million Southern Californians in the dark yesterday. Other than preach Ken Lay's de-regulation dogma, Arnold's only activity on the electricity front has been to veto a bill that would have improved electricity reliability and to shut down the state's public power authority, which was created during the crisis to boost the state's energy reliability. But Arnold has raised $160,000 from So Cal Edision, 35 grand from Calpine, and $300,000 from PG&E. A governor known for his boundless energy is completely out of touch with the energy crisis plaguing California.

The old bumper stick was "Black Out, 2001, Gray Out, 2002." If Arnold's not careful, a new tailgate might just be "Gas Prices Pumped Up 2005, Arnold Pumped Out 2006."

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