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Aug 15, 2005 - 12:20 PM

Enquiring Minds Need To Know

by Doug Heller
Arnold's past caught up with him last week when the LA Times revealed that the gov's business partners at American Media, Inc (AMI) had paid Arnold's alleged former mistress, Gigi Goyette, $20,000 to bar her from speaking publicly about their affair. American Media, which publishes National Enquirer, also paid a friend of Goyette $1,000 in cash to keep the relationship quiet.

Arnold's infidelity to his wife may be a private issue, but his fidelity to the People of California is a public one. Earlier this summer, we learned that Arnold was hiding a secret contract with AMI and its muscle magazines worth as much as $8.5 million to the gov. Then, Goyette's $20K in hush money came to light. This weekend, the SF Chronicle reported that the gov failed to properly report a $250,000 donation from AMI to the non-profit group known as the California Gov.'s Council on Physical Fitness. What else don't Californians know? It's time for an investigation.

In a letter to Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez (click here download it), the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights writes:

"You must immediately convene a special investigatory hearing and issue subpoenas to determine 1) whether Schwarzenegger directed AMI to solicit the contract with Goyette, under false pretenses, in order to protect his political career OR 2) whether AMI blackmailed the Governor by using the threat of the Goyette contract in order to wield influence over his conduct as Governor. This would clearly constitute conduct unbecoming of the state's highest official.

"All Californians have a right to know whether or not special interests with issues before the state are covertly working with the Governor to keep secret information that would harm his political career. The very existence of a contact in the hands of AMI that has immeasurable valuable to Schwarzenegger creates myriad conflicts of interest and ethical issues.

"Does the secret contract with Goyette constitute a gift to the Governor? Is the Goyette pact and AMI's refusal to publish Goyette's story part of Schwarzenegger's compensation from AMI that has yet to be disclosed? If Schwarzenegger was not aware of the contract initially, was he apprised of it after he took office and did it constitute an illegal gift in excess of state limits? Did any AMI agent ever discuss the supplements legislation or other public policy matters with Schwarzenegger? Did such discussions occur before or after Schwarzenegger was apprised of the Goyette contract?"

Enquiring minds need to know.

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