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Aug 10, 2005 - 11:35 AM

You Can't Always Get What You Want

by Douglas Heller
Arnold may not be getting what he wants because the Court of Appeal decided to keep his key initiative off the ballot yesterday. But, as an ArnoldWatch tipster points out, Arnold will get what he needs. For $100,000 a pop, big donors can rock with the Gov in his luxury box at the Rolling Stones kick-off concert in Boston on August 21st. Taking a page from Arnold - Mick, Keith, Ron and Charlie got Ameriquest "In Trouble With 30 States" Mortgage Company to sponsor the Stones tour, just like the company sponsors the Gov ($1.4 milliion+ from Ameriquest).

Call Arnold's fundraiser a Beggars Banquet. Corporate contributors had their 19th Nervous Breakdown last week when they read that Arnold has already burned through $11 million in campaign dough this year with nothing to show except falling poll numbers. The Stones Tour offers them the chance to show a little Sympathy for the Devil. No doubt they're desperate to prop up big industry's political Beast of Burden. Everybody knows that Arnold has Sticky Fingers for campaign cash; the CEOs who give also know they've got Arnold "Under My Thumb." If you've got a $100K, Arnold will invite you to Spend the Night Together and when they get back to Sacramento, the donors can be assured of Satisfaction.

That is, unless Californians get sick of Jumping Jack "Cash" and tell Arnold to Get off of My Cloud.

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