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Jul 12, 2005 - 04:35 PM

Chasing Hiram's Ghost

by Douglas Heller and Jamie Court
Arnold has often likened himself to the great populist Governor Hiram Johnson and is now doing so in prominent Internet advertising. Well here are a few well chosen words from Hiram for Arnold:

"In some form or other, nearly every governmental problem that involves the health, the happiness, or the prosperity of the State has arisen, because some private interest has intervened or has sought for its own gain to exploit either the resources or the politics of the State. I take it, therefore, that the first duty that is mine to perform is to eliminate every private interest from the government, and to make the public service of the State responsive solely to the people." (First Inaugural Address of Gov. Hiram Johnson, 1911)

Now that Arnold has raised more private campaign money than any California politician in history, it's time to drop the Hiram Johnson talk. The Gov has even raked in $78,200 from the railroad barons that Johnson's populist platform targeted. He has appointed an oil industry lobbyist to the Air Resources Board, an energy industry executive to head the California Energy Commission, and an insurance industry lobbyist to head the Office of Administrative Law, which oversees insurance regulations. This is a private service governor, not a public servant. It's time to let Hiram Johnson rest in peace.

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