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May 25, 2005 - 12:35 PM

Chicken Arnold

by Jerry Flanagan & David Fink
48 hours is not much notice for a graduation day speaker to give to students on whether or not he will actually show up at their ceremony. But that's exactly the predicament that Arnold has left for Santa Monica City College students.

So the students sent a chicken to meet Schwarzenegger in Sacramento this morning before his breakfast meeting with the Chamber of Commerce to ask why he is so afraid to talk to them. Maybe the gov is too chicken to face students after calling them "special interests" as an excuse to raise tuition fees? Invitations with the Gov's name on them sent out days in advance tell us that the Chamber of Commerce got a lot more than 48 hours notice.

The Santa Monica College "chicken Arnold" mascot joined 250 firefighters, teachers, and nurses to protest the Gov's pandering to his big industry contributors. You guessed it: Arnold ducked in the back door. But the Gov's chicken-hearted entrance did not help him escape the nurses, teachers and firefighters who infiltrated the event yelling: "Arnold, Arnold stop the scam - don't be a corporate girlie man."

To view pictures of "chicken Arnold" click here and here.

Why do big contributor business executives get better treatment from Arnold than students? Maybe it's because the students haven't laid a golden egg for the governor.

Last Saturday, actor Warren Beatty gave a commencement speech at UC Berkeley in which he declared: "We are not the Governor's dumbells." Arnold Watch has confirmed Beatty committed to that graduation talk months ago. Click here to read Beatty's speech, or click here to watch the speech.

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