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Apr 29, 2005 - 05:35 PM

Don't Take the (Race) Bait

by Jamie Court & Douglas Heller
Arnold's most recent nativist remark -- praising the "Minuteman" vigilante groups who are stalking the US-Mexico border -- has certainly caused a furor among opinion leaders. But it has also shifted the debate. Arnold was swiftly losing ground when he was forced to talk about his steroidal fundraising and his attacks on working people as "special interests." But he won't have to talk about that anymore if people take the bait. Pete Wilson, who supplied most of Arnold's advisors, used the same political tactic to secure a second term. Bush and Rove won the White House again by manufacturing their own culture wars. Those who want this Governor to answer for betraying campaign promises should not let the only questions become those about the border.

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