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Mar 29, 2005 - 11:20 AM

Blood Money

by Jamie Court
Arnold's 2nd largest donor is a predator -- not the imaginary motion picture creature, but the real-deal predatory lending beast. Americaquest Mortgage, which has given more than $1.2 million to Arnold's committees, is under investigation by 25 states for allegations of fraudulent lending practices. Yesterday's front page Los Angeles Times story details the impact of their predation on the financial security of borrowers and the systemic nature of the alleged fraud: "The three plaintiffs contend in court papers that Ameriquest had an 'art department' in a Tampa office where loan documents were altered. In interviews with The Times, they've shown stacks of what they say are internal Ameriquest files proving their allegations." ("Doubt Is Cast On Loan Papers," read the article at:,1,627016.story )

Arnold's 2nd biggest sugar daddy is stealing from seniors and impoverished working people and the company's founder, Roland Arnall, was the co-chair of Arnold's recent gala fundraiser in Los Angeles. If Arnold missed this story, he ought to go back and give it a read. Then the gov should return Ameriquest's blood money. Whether or not he needs anyone else's money, Arnold certainly doesn't need cash from a societal predator.

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