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Mar 17, 2005 - 11:35 AM

Sit-In At The Gov's Table

by Jerry Flanagan
As thousands protested outside Arnold's fundraiser last night at the Century Plaza hotel, a small group of firefighters, nurses, teachers and consumer advocates took a seat at the governor's table inside the event.

We found out what 22 cents could buy at a fundraiser with a minimum price of $22,300 for a chair: about 10 minutes at Arnold's table when the gov wasn't even in the room. Watch the video at:

A security detail quickly surrounded the table to reject our offer of 22 cents for the $89,000 seats we had taken. They offended a Cedars Sinai nurse by claiming she was contaminating the 'endive spears and radicchio cup' salad already set on the table and that the presence of uninvited guests was not "hygienic." That led a Los Angeles firefighter to offer 20 bucks for the menu of 'grilled pacific coast halibut in champagne sauce' and 'duo chocolate royaltime crunch' - view the menu and program from last night's event at:

The room was set for about 700, but only about 100 high-rollers sipped cocktails as the the sit-in crowd was escorted away chanting "Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Arnold's Greed Has Got To Go." Could it be that Arnold's boosters are beginning to fade away because they don't want to be associated with the governor's fading star?

Earlier, Air Arnold banner plane flew over the fundraiser with a tip for the Gov that could help him boost his ratings, at least with the public he promised to protect: "Arnold: California is Not For Sale! -".

Read more at:

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