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Mar 16, 2005 - 03:35 PM

The Governator Rap

by Jamie Court and Doug Heller
As thousands of protestors arrived at the Century Plaza to protest Arnold's big fundraiser Wednesday night, they will be welcomed by the first live performance of the new hip-hop song "The Governator" by Felonious Ax (AKA Clifford Tasner) and 50 Billion (AKA Will B.). Listen to "The Governator" at:

We predict it will go to the top of the charts. Speaking of charts, if you are wondering who is dining with Arnold tonight check out the chart of Arnold's "Century Plaza Cash Syndicate" at:

The mob protesting outside tonight's fundraiser is nothing compared to the syndicate of predatory lenders, HMO execs and real estate moguls hosting the bash that asks $89,900 for a private meeting for two with the Gov.

As the song says: "I said I don't take money cause I'm plenty rich/ I didn't mean it -- it was just a campaign pitch/ And if you want me, I'll be waiting for your next donation... (All hail the Governator!) You want to feel my muscles? Write me another check."

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