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Feb 14, 2005 - 03:30 PM

Call It Off!

by Jamie Court
The special election in November is turning into an arms race -- Arnold's arms held out for big money that is. Hardly the vision the Gov promised voters, it will be a divisive, partisan, campaign-cash-rich election. What's the impetus behind the mad money dash? Why not wait a few months until 2006 and see if he can work it out with the legislature?

The Gov cannot wait because campaign finance laws bar him from starring in TV ads promoting big budget initiatives when he is also on the ballot seeking re-election -- and that's where he'll be next year. That's why he's been barnstorming at legally questionable meetings across the state, asking 100 grand for dinner and a photo. His frantic fundraising practices, already under scrutiny, would be absolutely banned in 2006. The Political Reform Act (section 85310) states that any committee which runs political advertisements featuring a candidate for office within 45 days of an election cannot accept campaign contributions above $25,000 from any one person. (Read the letter sent by the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights asking Schwarzenegger to call the election off on the grounds that he is wasting $40 - $70 million in taxpayer dollars.)

Until Arnold shows some respect and calls off the election, there won't be a red carpet in California where Schwarzenegger's welcome. To prove it, nurses, teachers, students and firefighters will be out in force tomorrow at the Crest Theatre to stop Arnold from walking the red carpet to his Sacramento screening of Danny DeVito's new movie "Be Cool." For those who want to be real, there's a protest party right next door at the Crest Cafe at 6 PM. Grab your pita and stop Arnold's red carpet treatment...unless he goes in the back door again.

Come on Arnold. We'll have a blimp. Pump us up.

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