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Feb 08, 2005 - 06:00 PM

Air Arnold Flies Again… Sheriff’s On Our Tail

by Jamie Court
Air Arnold flew again today, this time over the capitol in Sacramento as Arnold fundraised for his November special election initiatives at the Sheraton Grand. Today's plane banner read, "Don't Be Big Business's Bully… -" View the picture at

After a press conference announcing the air strikes to raise consciousness wherever Arnold raises money, nurses, teachers, seniors and consumer advocates followed Schwarzenegger as he ducked into the fundraiser. He eluded them as they chanted, "Hey, Arnold you can't hide, we can see your greedy side." Schwarzenegger was forced to enter through a back door.

Today, answering questions about mounting criticism, Schwarzenegger told the LA Times that, "They're all around in the Capitol, as you know, the different special interests… the purple shirts and the brown --- all the different shirts." But it looks like Arnold may have his own team of brown shirts.

On Sunday, Air Arnold's pilots told ArnoldWatch that the LA County Sheriff took extraordinary steps to force down the banner plane flying around the gov's gated community -- threatening to investigate the pilot's license even though commercial air traffic over 1,000 feet is above the Sheriff's head, jurisdictionally. Today at the capitol, two Los Angeles County sheriffs in uniform, and carrying guns, took pictures of the nurses, teachers, seniors and consumer advocates at the press conference. One of the protestors asked what they were doing and the officer answered, "This is for background." They left in a marked LA County Sheriffs vehicle.

Is the Sheriff's Office providing Arnold his own special surveillance team? His fondness for Richard Nixon is showing more each day.

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