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Jan 31, 2005 - 12:25 PM

Nurses Take On The $50 Million Man

by Jamie Court
Governor Schwarzenegger told the LA Times Saturday that he would raise about $50 million for his 2005 special election ballot initiative campaigns from national sources. Wall Street has the biggest interest in Schwarzenegger's plot to privatize public pension funds, so you can bet the investment bankers will kick in big to get corporate reformers at CALPERS off their backs and to get their hands on hundreds of millions of more dollars in 401k funds. The Governor has put a big for sale sign on the California ballot initiative process and is marketing himself across America as a celebrity salesman who can peddle snake oil simply by claiming those against him - a.k.a. non-Schwarzenegger donors - are the "special interests."

As Arnold goes national with hands out for money, California nurses - who the Gov labeled a "special interest" for criticizing his rollback of patient safety rules - are going national with a TV advertisement that tells America what Arnold really stands for and who he stands against. The advertisement - which can be watched at - was created by "Outfoxed" director Robert Greenwald, who volunteered for the project. When A&E repeats its bio-pic "Run, Arnold, Run" Wednesday night, Americans will also see the 60 second Greenwald spot that separates the facts about Arnold from the fiction. The nurses ad will also air on CNN and other cable stations all week. We'll see how Arnold runs from that.

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