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Aug 06, 2004 - 02:00 PM

Questions Jay Leno Should Ask Arnold Tonight

by Jamie Court and Douglas Heller
Jay Leno has a tradition of using viewer-contributed material on the air. In honor of Governor Schwarzenegger's return to Leno tonight to mark the one year anniversary of his historic announcement that he would run for Governor, has sent in these questions for Leno to ask Arnold.

1. Arnold, last year you said that you‚re rich enough that you don‚t need anyone else‚s money. Now that you are raising campaign cash twice as fast as Gray Davis, does that mean you‚re not as rich as you thought?

2. You said you would be the sunshine governor and we all thought that meant you would open up government records. But you made 250 state employees sign secrecy agreements when they met with lobbyists to revamp government, and you created a charity, which does not disclose its donors that campaign finance experts recently called a political "slush fund." Why didn‚t you just tell the public what you really meant by „sunshine governor -- that you‚d always have a tan.

3. You said you‚d sweep "special interests" out of Sacramento. But you‚ve taken more than one million dollars each from the auto industry, insurers, and HMOs, and $5 million from real estate and investment king pins. How do they define special interests in Austrian dictionaries? Anyone without campaign cash?

4. You're supposedly holding a big fundraising party in Napa this weekend...any chance you'll tell us where it is?

5. You call legislators "girlie men." Don‚t you wear more make up than all the female politicians in Sacramento combined?

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