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Aug 04, 2004 - 11:00 AM

Hiram Johnson He Is Not

by Doug Heller
Ever the audacious governor, Arnold compared himself yesterday to California's most important Constitutional reformer, Governor Hiram Johnson. "Johnson did not call the lobbyists or the union bosses. No, he went directly to the people. Ninety-four years later, we will do exactly the same," the Gov said of his newly released "California Performance Review."

Arnold, puh-leeze!

Before any regular Californian got a peek at the finished product, the Gov did call the lobbyists. His team interviewed them, tapped them for info, took their ideas, and thanked them for their work. The California Performance Review is not a document of the people. It's of Microsoft by Chevron and for Kaiser Permanente. (Each are also donors to Arnold). In fact, to see how deep the deception runs, compare list below with Arnold's donors -- click here to read the top 100 and you'll find that more than a third of the corporate lobbyists Arnold asked to restructure government have also made contributions to the Gov.)

Californians deserve to know what really transpired behind the closed doors during the five months of private meetings that led to this review. ArnoldWatch's sponsor, the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, has called for a full rendering of what went on, who said what and how much influence the special interests had over this plan to rip the guts out of California government.

As proof that Arnold has not followed in Hiram's footsteps here is the "California Special Interest Review," a partial list of corporations and their lobbyists that Arnold called on long before he went to the people:

AON Risk Services
Automotive Repair Coalition
BP Oil
Bristol-Meyers Squibb
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway
California American Water
California Association of Health Facilities
California Association of Health Plans
California Building Industry Association
California Chamber of Commerce
California Grocers Association
California Health Facilities Association
California Healthcare Association
California Manufacturing and Technology Association
California Motor Car Dealers Association
Cisco Systems
Citrix Systems
Dow Chemical
Electronic Data Systems
General Electric
Governmental Advocates, Inc. (corporate lobbying firm)
Health Net
Hewlett Packard
J.P. Morgan
Kahl/Pownall Advocates (corporate lobbying firm)
Livingston and Mattesich (corporate lobbying firm)
Molina Health Care
Nielsen, Merksamer, Parinello, Mueller & Naylor (corporate lobbying firm)
Nossaman Gunther Knox Elliott (corporate lobbying firm)
Pacific Gas & Electric
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufactures of America
Pitney Bowes
SAP America
Siebel Systems
Sloat Higgins Jensen and Associates (corporate lobbying firm)
Southern California Edison
Southwest Airlines
State Farm
Sutter Health
United Airlines
Waste Management, Inc
Wellpoint, Inc

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