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Feb 26, 2004 - 03:50 PM

Show Us the Money

by Carmen Balber & Doug Heller
Arnold's disclosure reports show $3/4 million in contributions over the last two days while the California governor was on his East Coast swing. More than half a million of this large sum went to his initiative committee, Yes on 57 & 58. This should raise eyebrows because a series of donations to this effort to sell $15 billion in bonds came from the financial community, including the California Bankers Association and a number of individual banks.

But, what's conspicuously absent from the reports following his New York fundraiser are the New York donors. Arnold disclosed just one contribution from the Big Apple over the last two days ($25,000 from an investment executive). Where are the New Yorkers that NY Governor Pataki and Robert Wood Johnson IV invited to the $500,000 a plate fundraiser?

Schwarzenegger's staff has promised 24-hour disclosure of his fundraising activities but nothing seems to have come to light from the affair at One Central Park West. News reports even placed local tycoon Donald Trump at the event - didn't the Donald have to contribute to get in?

Could it be that Arnold has decided to wait until after the election to report the proceeds of that evening? Or is he hiding the East Coast donors altogether by funneling the money to the California Recovery Team, his private charity which was mentioned in the invitation and is not required to report contributors at all?

With Super Tuesday less than a week away, Arnold must immediately provide Californians with a list of attendees at his East Coast fundraisers, and their donations, wherever they went.

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