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Feb 23, 2004 - 11:45 AM

The Arnold Index

by David Fink and Doug Heller
On Meet the Press yesterday, Arnold advised President Bush about giving and getting in politics: "You know, what you would do for them, they will do back for you."

For Arnold's 100th day as Governor, Arnold Watch has assembled the following index of what is being given and gotten in California politics:

Amount of total campaign contributions (in dollars) Schwarzenegger has received since taking office compared to what he said he would take: 11,007,144.25 : 0

Amount of contributions (in dollars) that Schwarzenegger has received on a daily basis during his first 100 days as Governor: 110,000

Ratio at which Schwarzenegger is outpacing recalled Gov. Gray Davis in fundraising: 2:1

Number of separate campaign committees controlled by Schwarzenegger into which the Governor has received contributions in 2004: 5

Amount of money Schwarzenegger has taken from Real-Estate, Developers and Construction companies compared with environmental groups: 3,732,084 : 0

Size (in dollars) of donation to Schwarzenegger from drug giant Pfizer: 100,000

High end asking price for ticket to 100th day fundraiser at residence of pharmaceutical heir Robert Wood Johnson IV: 500,000

Amount of money owed to California from the Pharmaceutical Industry based on a Bush Administration audit versus the amount targeted for collection: 1,300,000,000 : 0

Contributions (in dollars) to Schwarzenegger committees from major workers' compensation insurance companies: 409,858

Number of paragraphs devoted to workers compensation insurance rate regulation in Schwarzenegger's 100+ page proposal for workers compensation reform: 0

Campaign contributions to Schwarzenegger from the top eight industries that have donated since Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy: 13,018,166

See the up-to-date Top Donors by Industry graph.

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