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Feb 20, 2004 - 11:30 AM

Arnold's $100,000 per day habit & 1% Rebate

by Jamie Court
As the 100th day of the Arnold Administration approaches next Tuesday, campaign finance reports show the Governor who said he didn't need anyone else's money will have raised more than $100,000 per day for every day he has been in office -- ten million dollars total.

On Day 100, Arnold won't be in California but high above Central Park in the residence of Robert Wood Johnson IV raising as much as $500,000, from New Yorkers who likely have a special interest in buying and marketing a piece of California, or at least its $15 billion debt.

The governor, who ran on a platform of sunshine in government, owes the public a guest list for the 100th day dinner at One Central Park West. That would be a better return policy for the public than Schwarzenegger's recent return of a $100,000 contribution to an oil distributor who Arnold purportedly perceived as too pushy about his policy desires at a recent Sacramento fundraiser. Arnold's clearly concerned that his prolific fundraising has too high a profile, but a 1% rebate on his $100,000 per day habit is a little like Caligula turning away a virgin at the doors to the orgy.

The Gov. is desperately trying to show that there is no relationship between his fundraising and his pending policy decisions, but tell that to the more experienced kahunas in Arnold's $100K club like Pfizer, Inc. which paid for its membership yesterday. That's the same day the pharmaceutical giant announced that it would stop selling its drugs to online Canadian pharmacies that re-import to America; and of course Pfizer is also against two recently introduced bills, one by Senate Leader John Burton, that would allow Californians to re-import drugs from Canada.

Shouldn't Pfizer's 1% be returned, too? The company could use that cash to pay its share of the $1.3 billion that the pharmaceutical industry owes the state, according to a recent Bush administration audit of California's Medi-Cal program. The "Collectinator" has yet to even ask Pfizer for that check.

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