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Feb 13, 2004 - 11:38 AM

Congrats From Gray Well Deserved

by Jamie Court and Doug Heller
Arnold has said that he has been receiving calls from Gray Davis congratulating him on the outstanding job that he has done and that the former Gov was even coming over for dinner. Gray must have read Arnold's fundraising reports, which make Davis' cash register politicking and conflicts of interest look puny.

* Yesterday, Chevron Texaco kicked in $100,000 to the Gov's California Recovery Team. The company's trade association wrote to Schwarzenegger on January 8th asking the Gov to reject the California Energy Commission's recommendation to cut gasoline and diesel use 15% by 2020.

* Sempra Energy ponied up $50,000 for Team Arnold's Recovery; the company wants leverage in any renegotiation with the Gov of the overpriced long-term energy contract the company signed with Gray Davis.

* Walgreens, which recently gave $25,000 to the Team, and Longs Drugs ($10K) will be pressing Arnold to reject legislation that would make it easier for Californians to buy medicine from online Canadian pharmacies.

* Developers AG Spanos and Castle & Cooke -- who want protection from commercial property reassessment proposals if Arnold's bond proposals fail -- have given one half million dollars.

So, with Gray Davis preparing for his TV debut, it is unclear whether, at the dinner at Casa Schwarzenegger, the Terminated went to the Terminator for acting lessons or fundraising tips.

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