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Dec 05, 2003 - 02:30 PM

Lakers Game With Arnold: $10,000

by Doug Heller and Jamie Court
At the December 12th Lakers-Mavericks game, Arnold will be charging $10,000 to join him in a sky-box seat to retire his campaign debt. (Talk about ticket scalping!) ArnoldWatch thought we'd use the arena's jumbo-tron to remind the governor and his donors of Webster's definition of special interest... But, alas, the Lakers informed us that the usual 30 second $3,000 advertisement will not be available to ArnoldWatch at any price.

Why don't they want ArnoldWatch's business? Perhaps it's because Arnold's fundraiser is being co-hosted by the Staples Center owner Tim Leiweke -- as well as supermarket magnate and big-time Democratic Party Poubah Ron Burkle.

With room for 40 invitees, filling the skybox is sure to bring Arnold at least $400K, but is likely to raise more than $800K (and it's not even the playoffs). The invitation reminds donors that they can give as much as $21,200 (and that spouses and adult children can also match the limit).

To make clear that "special interests" (according to Arnold's definition) are not welcome, the invitation specifically points out that contributions from corporate PACs (political action committees) are permissible, but public employee union funds will not be accepted.

For working people without 10 Gs to blow, here is a lower priced alternative to have your message heard by the Governor. Buy a cheap seat to the game, which will be broadcast nationally on ESPN, and download and bring to the game ArnoldWatch's special E.S.P.N. Poster.

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