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The Safe Way To Lower Labor Costs

by  Jamie Court, author of Corporateering
December 2, 2003 - 1:20 PM

Arnold just recorded another $15,000 from Safeway, the supermarket, on top of $16,200 registered five days before and another $5,000 from Safeway President Steve Burd. That’s a total of $36,200. We knew Arnold believed in the free market... but the supermarket? Safeway may just be playing it safe in its labor dispute over the size of workers’ health care benefits by recruiting a celebrity negotiator and spokesperson to its cause.

You see, labor leaders tell us Safeway’s last offer to its workers included fewer health care benefits for new workers and dependents than would be required under recently-enacted Senate Bill 2 – which mandates that employers pay for health coverage . Yesterday the Chamber of Commerce announced it had collected enough signatures for a referendum to overturn SB 2 and, for the first time, Arnold endorsed SB 2’s referendum. With the Terminator hawking Safeway’s line, workers don’t stand a chance. Under Gray it was pay to play, now it’s pay to pitch.


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