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$50/hour for Elvis Impersonator but $52,400 for Terminator

by  Jamie Court, author of Corporateering
November 20, 2003 - 2:00 PM

We’ve seen all kinds of celebrity impersonators show up at car dealerships for a grand opening or end-of-year sale. But to get the real deal, you need to do something special. And guess what: the car dealership where Arnold celebrated his car tax repeal today just happens to be owned by H.F. and Jane Boeckmann, who contributed $52,400 to Arnold. Of course, $52K for Arnold’s appearance is a great deal considering the advertising that Galpin Motors will get on drive time radio and the evening news.

The auto dealer lobby - the fourth biggest contributor to TeamArnold - is also angling for a big celebrity endorsement of their proposed November ballot initiative, which guts the law against deceptive marketing. The Unfair Competition Law in dealers’ sights is the consumer’s best safeguard against predatory financing and bait and switches that are all too common on car lots. Talk about a car tax!


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