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The Gray Davis Files

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FTCR was a vocal watchdog of the Gray Davis administration, calling attention to his "pay to play" politics when no one else would. We put a spotlight on Davis' sellout to campaign contributors over his five years in office and criticized his actions each time they jeopardized the public interest.

We will keep the same watchful eye on California's new Governor, and hold him accountable as he meets or breaks his promise to clean the special interests out of Sacramento.

Related Information

Gray Davis Accepts Huge Contributions From Anti-Consumer Bill's Sponsor
 - Department of Justice Should Investigate Davis After $175,000 Quid Pro Quo Upon Signing Insurer�s Priority Legislation
   [Press Release - Sept 23, 2003]

FTCR Calls for State Audit of Davis� Use of Lobbyists As Advisors
 - State Auditor Should Investigate State of the State
   [Press Release - Jan 08, 2003]
 - Activists slam Davis for letting two lobbyists help him draft budget
   [San Jose Mercury News - Jan 04, 2003]

Advocates Criticize Davis� Financial Ties to Utilities During Energy Crisis
 - The Gray Davis Gold Card
 - Davis' ties to utilities energizes power debate
   [Ventura County Star - Dec 25, 2000]

Davis Uses Consumer Advocates to Raise Money From Big Business
 - FTCR Letter To Davis - Don�t Use Us to Scuttle Campaign Reform
   [Press Release - Feb 28, 2000]

Gray Davis "Missing in Action" on Patients� Rights
 - Gray Davis on a Milk Carton
 - Letter Asks Gov. Davis To Meet With People Harmed By Their HMO
   [Associated Press - Aug 6, 1999]

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