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Oct 31, 2007   
Schwarzenegger Abandons the Sick
The governor failed patients by vetoing a bill that barred insurers from unfairly canceling policies.
Dec 10, 2007   
Schwarzenegger Vetoes Health Insurance Bill
Dec 04, 2007   
Administration fails to reinstate health care in illegal insurance cancellation cases
Oct 31, 2006   
Gov tweaks health reform plan to ease cost to business, doctors
Dec 10, 2006   
Mandatory health insurance? No sale
Dec 06, 2006   
Activists' health-care remedy: Control rates
Dec 05, 2006   
Arnie's secret visit;
Schwarzenegger to come to Pasadena Monday for a no-Democrats AARP health care forum
Dec 04, 2006   
Editorial: Coverage for all
Dec 03, 2006   
Senator to again push single-payer health plan;
Dec 02, 2006   
Foundation suggests Schwarzenegger health plan's success depends on affordability
Dec 02, 2006   
Influential coalition backs universal health care
Dec 01, 2006   
Bricks Fly At Schwarzenegger's Universal Health Proposals
Dec 01, 2006   
Concerns on governor's health care plan;
Some advocates fear rising costs could be shifted to consumers
Dec 01, 2006   
All Californians would be required to carry medical insurance. Critics include doctors, hospitals, insurers and some legislators.
Dec 01, 2006   
Plan to ensure health coverage could raise costs;
Guaranteeing insurance for even the sickest individuals could raise premiums for everyone.
Dec 01, 2006   
California plans to make health insurance available to almost everyone in the state
Dec 01, 2006   
Health Insurance for All Californians;
Governor Schwarzenegger wants all Californians required to buy health insurance. Health plans would prohibit insurance companies from rejecting applicants for a
Dec 01, 2006   
Health insurers deny policies in some jobs;
Common medications also can be deemed too risky in California.
Dec 01, 2006   
Demand reform, governor;
Make health insurers play fair -- Any plan to reform healthcare must tackle the biggest obstacle to insuring everyone -- private insurers.
Nov 02, 2005   
Nov 02, 2005   
Open to new health plans;
Aides say governor may ask employers to shoulder worker coverage, but is seeking other ideas.
Dec 09, 2005   
California Assembly passes bill to provide universal health care -- Governor threatens veto
Dec 04, 2004   
Lawyers, drug companies huddle;
Talks aim at a truce over initiative campaigns that would hurt pocketbooks of both interest groups.
Dec 02, 2004   
New RN TV Ad Hits Gov. Schwarzenegger's Attack on Nurses as 'Special Interest';
Prominent Hollywood Director, Producers Volunteered to Create Ad
Dec 01, 2004   
Prescription benefit amid health care cuts;
Plan relies on help from drugmakers
Dec 01, 2004   
Drug savings plan directed at low-income Californians
Dec 01, 2004   
Calif. Governor Calls for Reforms, Spending Cap
Nov 03, 2003   
Middle-class Americans face life without health insurance
Nov 02, 2003   
Stem cell council draws complaints on eve of first meeting Stem cell council draws complaints on eve of first meeting
Nov 01, 2003   
California Backs Merger of 2 Giant Blue Cross Plans
Nov 01, 2003   
State backs off on nurse levels
Nov 01, 2003   
State moves to freeze nurse-patient ratio
Dec 09, 2003   
A Show of Weakness in Drug Import Debate
Dec 09, 2003   
Riding rails for drug imports;
Group wants state OK to buy cheaper Canadian medications.
Dec 08, 2003   
Veto awaits drug measures;
Schwarzenegger pledges to reject bills for access to cheaper foreign medicines.
Dec 08, 2003   
Discounted drugs urged for uninsured Californians;
Official rejects Canadian medications as illegal
Dec 08, 2003   
Taking Rx Express;
Six O.C. residents are joining a trip to Canada to protest high prescription-drug costs.
Dec 08, 2003   
They Can't Stomach Drug-Firm Baloney
Dec 08, 2003   
An active retirement;
Older Americans make a formidable voting bloc, and as healthcare issues and the war make headlines, more are politicized, some say.
Dec 08, 2003   
Anthem Sues in Bid to Save WellPoint Deal
Dec 08, 2003   
Anthem sues Calif insurance official over WellPoint merger block
Dec 08, 2003   
Dec 08, 2003   
Prop. 72 aims to cancel health care act
Dec 08, 2003   
Regulator Stalls Blue Cross Deal in California
Dec 08, 2003   
Garamendi Blocks Part of WellPoint Deal
The state insurance chief's move makes the purchase of the health insurer by Anthem Inc. even more uncertain.
Dec 08, 2003   
Garamendi puts brakes on insurance giants' merger
Dec 08, 2003   
Anthem-Wellpoint merger - California blocks blockbuster deal;
Decision final, says insurance official
Dec 07, 2003   
Calif. insurance commissioner rejects Anthem-WellPoint merger
Dec 07, 2003   
WellPoint Sale Moves Forward WellPoint Sale Moves Forward
Shareholders approve the deal with Anthem. But it needs an OK from California regulators.
Dec 07, 2003   
Public Hearing Set on Deal to Buy WellPoint;
Amid criticism, state HMO regulators will take testimony on the proposed $16 billion purchase by Anthem.
Dec 07, 2003   
Health care regulatory agency to hold hearing on WellPoint merger
Dec 06, 2003   
Legislature taking seriously desire to buy drugs in Canada
Dec 06, 2003   
Canadian drugs are backed by Assembly
Prescriptions would be available at a Web site
Dec 05, 2003   
Drug Firms Say, 'No, Canada';
Industry-linked groups lobby with a vengeance against bills to ease imports from the north.
Dec 04, 2003   
Governor fills long-vacant post of managed care director
Dec 02, 2003   
OP-ED: Arnold needs to terminate rapid rise in health care costs
Nov 01, 2002   
Options eyed for high insurance costs
Nov 01, 2002   
Schwarzenegger, Davis Talk of Transition
Sacramento Trip Includes Discussions With Governor and State Lawmakers
Oct 31, 2002   
Health executive to be chief of staff for Schwarzenegger
Oct 31, 2002   
Wilson aide & HMO Lobbyist named chief of staff for Schwarzenegger
Oct 31, 2002   
On 'fun' day, fast action pledged In a state Capitol visit, Schwarzenegger spells out an ambitious agenda
Oct 31, 2002   
HMO Exec a Top Candidate for Schwarzenegger Chief of Staff;
Patricia T. Clarey, now with Health Net, also worked in the Wilson administration. She is seen as no-nonsense manager.
Oct 31, 2002   
Health care law may go to voters
Chamber Of Commerce Wants To Repeal Mandate
Dec 09, 2002   
Legislature OKs Small Business Health Coverage;
Beginning in 2006, employers would be required to provide insurance coverage to 1 million of the state's working poor.

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